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Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, .CHB, Berlin, April 8, 2015

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SmartUp! Berlin-Budapest is a one-day partner event at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (.CHB) of the Budapest-based SM Conference series.

SmartUp! Berlin-Budapest focuses on the different aspects of the startups of Europe with special regard to the differences and similarities between the Berlin and the emerging Budapest scenes. This event is part of a program series at the .CHB called “Creativity Exercises. The Berlin Dream between Startups and Art” focusing on the interaction between the two so-called “creative scenes” of the German capital; startups and the art scene. Within the day of the conferences, April 8, we aim to create „knowledge transfer“ between the two cities by live streaming happenings of the two events between each other and bring into dialogue the representatives of the two scenes. The .CHB event, April 8, will follow the agenda of the 2015 Budapest event with special regard to the following topics:

Berlin-Budapest Bridge

With a stronger-than-ever performer base, we are looking for an answer to the question ‘How can international partner connections be set up?’ and ‘How can prevalence be reached in the global market?’. We introduce Hungary and Berlin based startups with regards to already existing and possible connections between the two scenes.

Company Culture

Company culture means everything for a startup. It can affect the talent they attract, the customer base they work with, their brand reputation, and even their product itself. The multinational tech giants from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley (Berlin) have struggled with creating company culture for years, but what about fledgling startups?

Funding Startups, Investment Trends

There are two big forces driving change in startup funding: it's becoming cheaper to start a startup, and startups are becoming a more normal thing to do. But, how is it done differently in Berlin and Budapest and what does it mean for investors?

Art Connections

Art and startups share two passions: sharing and creativity; however, they profit quite differently from these objectives. While financing such collaborative, project-based works, which avoid narrow categorization, through means other than public funding for art promotion has become difficult, startups continue to successfully collect large amounts of venture capital. How can we understand, describe, critique and perhaps overcome this unequal relationship between art and startups?

SmartUp! Berlin-Budapest

is a cooperation between the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, SM 2015 and SpeakEasy Project. Creativity Exercises. The Berlin Dream between Startups and Art is a cooperation between the .CHB and Labor Theaterforschung at the Universität der Künste, Berlin.



Get into the Berlin Startup ecosystem and find out more about trending projects, see how they relate to Eastern Europe.



We invite the top startup groups and incubators to show you the best of Berlin Startup ecosystem.



It is a pilot event, therefore attendance is free, yet the in-take of the venue is only 100 guests. Register quick!


SMartUP! Berlin-Budapest Event Program

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April 8, 2015
8:15 - 9:00
Arrival // Registration
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9:00 - 9:05
Official Event Opening
Presented by CHB officials - Kata Krasznahorkai
Venue: Conference HALL
Opening speech by the officials of CHB Berlin.
9:05 - 9:22
Supporting London's Mobile Ecosystem
Alastair Moore - Researcher/Entrepreneur - University College London
Venue: Conference HALL (Streamed Keynote from SM 2015 Budapest)
As a researcher and entrepreneur, Alastair supports start-up activity and SME engagement across UCL with a par­tic­ular focus on mobile and digital enter­prise. Alastair oversees UCL DECIDE and is involved in delivering UCL's contributions to the Capitial Accelerator Programme. He has helped create courses like The Mobile Academy – a joint programme delivered with Mobile Monday London that has helped take participants to Mobile World Congress and LeWeb.
9:22 - 9:40
From Stasi to Startups: How Berlin Evolved Into a Creative Hub
Travis Todd - Serial Entrepreneur // Silicon Allee
Venue: Conference HALL
Travis will go through the creative history of Berlin, from theatre to techno to technology, and show how Berlin has always been fertile ground for innovators. As an American founder who’s been in Berlin since before the iPhone he will cover the history of the Berlin tech scene, how it's creative background influences it and highlight it’s delightful quirks.
9:42 - 9:58
Nutshell in a Nutshell
Adam Somlai-Fischer - Founder // Prezi
Venue: Conference HALL (Streamed Keynote from SM 2015 Budapest)
Adam Somlai-Fischer born 1976 in Budapest is an architect and interaction designer. He is also the Co-founder and Principal Artist of Prezi and creates installations and experiments that blend spaces, technologies and interactivity.
10:00 - 10:15
A Silicon Valley Perspective of Berlin and Europe
Erik Magdanz - Diplomat/Economic Officer // US Embassy, Berlin
Venue: Conference HALL
As a former Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investment banker – and currently an American diplomat in Berlin – Erik will explore his view of the ecosystem in Berlin and other European startup hubs. Can Europe become a unique and sustainable factory of successful startups? What are the challenges? And what is the economic future of Europe without a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem?
10:17 - 10:32
Business of Hardware
Aleš Spetic - Founder, CEO // CubeSensors
Venue: Conference HALL (Streamed Keynote from SM 2015 Budapest)
"Aleš Spetic is the cofounder and CEO of CubeSensors! He wrote an Investor's Guide to Hardware Startups. He is active in startup eco system in Slovenia and proudly work with European startups and founders. He ran TSstatup, a telco accelerator, cofounded DeckReport and FriedWorks. He was the founding CEO of Zemanta. Aleš Spetic is currently volunteering as Slovenia's Digital Champion."
10:35 - 10:50
Bridging Europe – EIT ICT Labs role in a Digital Single Market
Udo Bub - Head of Institution // EIT ICT Labs
Venue: Conference HALL
Dr. Udo Bub is heading ICT Labs Germany of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology as the founding Managing Director. Shareholders are SAP, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, Fraunhofer, DFKI and TU Berlin.
10:52 - 11:10
Inside The European Startup Ecosystem
Michal Dunaj - Head of EU Operations // T-Labs
Venue: Conference HALL
After his degree in International Business and Economics, Michal Dunaj made his weakness for new technologies into a career. The 34 year-old Slovakian develops new research and development strategies in the Berlin T-Labs. His objective: discovering the market potential of innovative ideas and driving forward the implementation of these in exciting products.
11:15 - 11:45
Discussion on Investment culture in Berlin and Europe vs. Silicon Valley
Erik Magdanz (US Embassy), Jan Borgstädt (JOIN Capital), Carl-Philipp Wackernagel (Berlin Partner for Business and Technology), Marcel Pirlich (AdSpert) moderated by Anna Elek
Venue: Conference HALL
11:47 - 12:00
Challenges Of A Fast Growing Startup
Eva Glanzer - VP People // Get Your Guide
Venue: Conference HALL
12:02 - 12:20
Future of Work
Nina Buschle - Founder // Bridgery
Venue: Conference HALL
12:20 - 14:00
Lunch Break
LUNCH at Budapest Calling Restaurant at .CHB
14:00 - 14:15
Thinking Alike, Drinking Alike
Máté Szedlacskó - Founder, CEO // BorStore
Venue: Conference HALL
Young winemakers have reinvented the wine scene in Hungary in the past decade, and a new startup, BorStore, is now bringing their wines to Berlin. How has the response been? It turns out that Budapest and Berlin lie far apart, but their culture and audience are surprisingly alike, providing a great opportunity for ambitious small businesses.
14:17 - 14:32
Choosing Berlin over San Francisco
David Yu - Founder, CEO // Groupiphany
Venue: Conference HALL
My thoughts on the question I'm asked most often in the last two years when I tell them where I'm from - "Why would you leave San Francisco to come here?
14:35 - 14:50
From "Madman" To "Math-man"
Marcel Pirlich - Co-founder, CEO // AdsPert Bidmanagement
Venue: Conference HALL
How financial algorithms changed online advertising.
14:52 - 15:10
Berlin startup story / Art Connection
Michael Glattmann - Co-founder, CEO // curart
Venue: Conference HALL
Berlin is an ideal hotbed for both start-ups and artists, which is why there are so many of both in the German capital. However, this does not guarantee success in either sector. curart aims to contribute to its artists' reach of success – and thereby achieve its own – by bringing hidden treasures to art enthusiasts.
15:12 - 15:27
Movie Marketing Mashup
Christopher Zwickler - Founder, CEO // Flimmer
Venue: Conference HALL
How the cinema-industry can profit from the entrepreneurial spirit. Many of us arrive at the cinema just in time for the film starting, climbing and stumbling over other people to avoid what feels like endless ads and trailers. It’s a half hour that could just as easily be spent in the pub chatting with friends or walking the dog. But now there’s a real incentive to pitch up early and watch the whole lot courtesy of Flimmer, a Berlin-based startup dedicated to film trailers.
15:29 - 16:00
Discussion on Art and Startup relations
Michael Glattmann (curart), Christopher Zwickler (Flimmer) moderated by Lorand Balazs Imre -
Venue: Conference HALL
16:02 - 16:20
Social Startups in Berlin and Budapest
Csaba Szikra- Founder, Intercultural trainer// Experience Balkan
Venue: Conference HALL
There is a common bias in the mainstream business life about helping and its relation to making money: the neoliberal philosophy says there is no chance to serve the society and your company at the same time in a long-term procedure. In my talk, I would like to offer a small look into our society and culture, to show a less subjective picture for the Hungarian and Berliner audience regarding social startups and the related fields like sustainable economy, urbanism and intercultural tourism. I will also speak about the recent waves of Berlin-Budapest social startup scene.
16:30 -
Closing of SMartUP! Berlin Event
Venue: Conference HALL
20:00 -
After Party free for attendees
Harcsa Veronika Jazz Klub in Berlin + Arne Jansen (DE) guitar -
Venue: Wine Bar Budapest Calling
The live concert is free for attendees at Wine Bar Budapest Calling

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    Alastair Moore

    Researcher/Entrepreneur @UCL

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    Travis Todd

    Serial Entrepreneur @Silicon Allee

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    Adam Somlai-Fischer

    Founder @Prezi

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    Erik Magdanz

    Diplomat/Economic Officer @US Embassy, Berlin

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    Udo Bub

    Head of Institution @EIT ICT Labs

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    Michal Dunaj

    Head of EU Operations @T-Labs

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    Eva Glanzer

    VP People @GetYourGuide

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    Michael Glattmann

    Co-founder, CEO @curart

After Party

Harcsa Veronika Jazz Klub in Berlin + Arne Jansen (DE) guitar

  • Portfolio Item

    Portfolio Item

    Harcsa Veronika Jazz Klub in Berlin

    Wine Bar Budapest Calling

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SmartUp! Berlin-Budapest is a cooperation between the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, SM 2015 and SpeakEasy Project.

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